Fake Bake Cream Tan

Provides a natural looking tan for all skin tones. Fake Bake Cream tanning is one of the most popular tanning creams on the market as it gives a great, long-lasting golden result. It creates an instant sun-kissed look, with the colour further developing over 4 to 6 hours. Fake Bake’s cream tan lotion contains naturally derived tanning agents, ensuring a smooth application for normal, dry and oily skin types, working with the your own skin tone to develop into a gorgeous golden glow.


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Treatment Price Buy Vouchers
Fake Bake Full Body £50
Fake Bake Half Body £28


Q: what do I wear during the tanning treatment?

A: We provide disposable pants for you to wear during the treatment.

Q: How long does it take to work?

A: The tan needs 8-10 hours to develop. We recommended having this done in the evening so you can wash the following morning.

Q: Will it stain my clothes and bed sheets?

A: No, not at all, the tan is non-oil based so it may mark clothing and bedding however it will wash out. Ideally wear dark loose clothing after the tan and avoid crisp white bedding if concerned.

Q: Will I be able to go out that night?

A: Cream tans do tend to look heavier and patchier as they are developing and you would know that you still had the product on. You will feel slightly tacky after the tan so avoid any tight clothing.

Q: I am getting married on a Saturday, when should I get my tan done?

A:Thursday evening last thing would be the perfect time, we would be able to book you in as late as 8.30pm, this would allow you to then go home to bed from the salon so there is less chance of you having to wash hands or rubbing the tan etc. If you then felt that you wanted the tan darker or touched up we still have time, we don’t want you having any extra worries at the last minute on such an important day!

Q: Can I get my tan done on the same day as my waxing?

A: Generally we would recommend that you have your waxing done 24hrs before your tanning treatment. If you have not had waxing done before we would recommend that you have it done 2 days before tanning to allow time for any redness in the skin that may occur after the waxing to reduce.

Q: Can I get my tanning done while I am pregnant?

A: There are a lot of mixed views on this subject dependant on which doctor or mid-wife you speak to. All our products, far as we are aware there have not been any legislation produced to say that it should not be done. We have a lot clients booking in for tanning treatments during their pregnancy who have consulted their doctors. Zen would not recommend that you get it done regularly throughout your pregnancy but for special occasions.