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You will receive an advanced results-driven experience, we will always give expert advice tailored to your individual skincare and lifestyle needs.

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Medik8 is a cosmeceutical skincare brand. As such, it only contains the best active ingredients in the formulations. Medik8 only use clinical studies from trusted, ethical sources to validate what they do.  The Medik8 story began with products being sold predominantly by trained professionals through outlets such as doctors’ clinics, medical and premium spas, skin clinics and salons.

Facials vs Peels

Any Medik8 treatment, facial or peel, utilises our best technology. Not just proven actives for visible skin improvements, but also a sensorial experience. However there are some differences – a bit like how weight-training is different to cardio exercise. There is no reason you cannot mix them up based on the outcomes you want and your lifestyle at the time.

Characteristics of Medik8 Facials


Immediate glowing results – Pampering, with results – Proven researched ingredients – Perfect for lunch break/holiday – Ultra luxurious experience – Single or part of course – Negligible risk of any downtime – CSA built-in to every facial

Characteristics of Medik8 Peels


Tailored for your skin goals – Progressive & cumulative results – Low downtime (time-release) – Blended peel formulas – Long-term visible improvements – Optimal skin health.

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Platinum Facial £115 Buy Voucher
Medik8 Peel £115 Buy Voucher

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