smotth legs after ipl laser hair removal

No more waxing or shaving – the latest technology in laser hair removal is now available in all three of our Edinburgh skin clinics. Ellipse is an intense pulse light (IPL) treatment that is virtually pain free and completely safe. All areas of the face and body can be treated with excellent results.

Ellipse IPL laser hair removal needs to be taken as a series of treatments to be effective. The number of treatments required depends on the areas treated and the type of hair. Clinical studies have shown that 6 or more laser reduction treatments are normally required for most clients. Initially, a skin patch test and consultation (£30) is required, the cost of which is redeemable against any course of 6 treatments or more.

We have been offering this laser hair removal treatment in Edinburgh for many years. Our staff are experienced and knowledgeable about permanent hair reduction so please feel free contact one of our Edinburgh laser clinics for more details on the treatment.

We offer discounts for multiple sessions when paid in advance. Save 5% on courses of 3, 20% on courses of 6 and 25% on courses of 9 or more. We can offer additional savings if you are interested in booking courses for two or more areas.

Call us now to book your consultation – Bruntsfield: 1314773535 | Hanover St: 1312257009

Pricing for IPL Hair Removal

Number of treatments 1 3 6 9
Abdomen £128 £365 £614 £864
Back £235 £670 £1,128 £1,586
Bikini £99 £283 £475 £668
Brazilian £158 £450 £758 £1,067
Buttocks £116 £331 £556 £783
Centre Brow £42 £120 £201 £283
Cheeks £63 £180 £302 £425
Chest £168 £479 £806 £1,134
Chin £48 £137 £230 £324
Extended Bikini £148 £422 £710 £999
Forearms £132 £377 £633 £891
Full Legs £240 £684 £1,152 £1,620
Half Legs (below knee) £190 £541 £912 £1,282
Half Legs (including knee) £208 £595 £998 £1,404
Hands/Feet £48 £137 £230 £324
Neck (front) £58 £166 £278 £392
Shoulders £116 £331 £556 £783
Stomach (Centre Line) £47 £134 £225 £317
Thighs £215 £613 £1,032 £1,451
Underarm £84 £240 £403 £567
Upper Arm £116 £331 £556 £783
Upper Lip £48 £137 £230 £324

IPL Hair Removal FAQ’S

Q: How many treatments do I need to make it permanent?

A: Every client is different but generally it can take between 9-12 sessions to be successful. This depends on the area being treated and if you are able to attend to the treatments regularly every 6-8 weeks.

Q: Is there any reason why I might not be suitable for the treatment?

A: We perform a full consultation and patch test before your treatment begins but pregnancy or overexposure to the sun tend to be the most common reasons for unsuitability. It is also not recommended if you suffer from any of the following: cancer, heart disease, keloid scarring, anti-inflammatory medication, diabetes, vitaligo and epilepsy. We also do not suggest this treatment if you have a pacemaker.

Q: Can I continue removing the hair in between treatments?

A: You can shave the hair in between sessions but you cannot remove it by the root so no waxing, sugaring, tweezing, creams etc. This is very important for the treatment to be successful.

Q: Is Ellipse IPL only suitable for people with dark hair?

A: In order for this treatment to be successful, hair has to have some pigment – light brown to black is ideal. Unfortunately we cannot treat white or red hairs.

Q: Is IPL the same as laser hair removal? 

A: Not exactly, but many members of the public tend to use the term laser hair removal for both systems. IPL and laser both offer effective solutions for long term hair reduction, but laser hair reduction uses a different range of wavelength of light to IPL. The technology and treatment process is for both is very similar, with both technologies using light beams to weaken and kill the follicles. Clinical studies over many years show a very high level of safety and effectiveness for IPL, with very good results over the long term.

Video: What is IPL Hair Removal?