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Learn more about cellulite and the Endermologie treatment with our Endermologie FAQs, found below.

Endermologie is a non-invasive technique for reducing the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite often shows up as dimpling on the skin, even in those who are fit. The look of cellulite does not necessary diminish with weight loss and liposuction fails to address this top layer of fat under the skin.

Endermologie treats localised fat, cellulite and contours. Cellulite is visibly reduced, the figure is reshaped and your skin is beautifully conditioned. Endermologie, a sub-dermal approach to treating cellulite and was the first treatment for cellulite to be FDA approved. The treatment involves the use of special motorised rollers for deep treatment of the connective tissue. A course of at least twelve treatments is required, 2-3 times per week.

Available at our Bruntsfield Place salon.

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Treatment Price
Maintenance session £65
Course of 12 £650
Course of 18 £975
Course of 24 £1300
Body suit £20
Exfoliating Body Brush £21


Q: Do I have to get a course of treatments?
A: Yes, ideally we recommend between 18-24 treatments to see optimum results. As the treatment is breaking down fat deposits and water retention, this can make the appearance of the cellulite appear worse. However, this is just due to the water loss and the removal of waste products.

Q: How often would I have the treatment done?
A: You would have a course of 18-24 treatments, coming in twice a week over a 8-12 week period.

Q: Is the treatment sore?
A: Most clients really enjoy their Endermologie treatments. It can feel like a really firm massage. Certain types of cellulite can be uncomfortable when worked over to begin with. The suction on the machine is increased during the course of treatments but it can be altered if it feels too uncomfortable.

Q: Are the results noticeable?
A: The results are excellent for toning and firming and the improvement in the texture of the skin is amazing. For clients that follow a healthy diet and exercise but find certain areas difficult to tone and cellulite difficult to move, this is the perfect treatment. This is not a weight loss treatment; it is a toning and strengthening treatment that improves the appearance of cellulite.

Q: Will it help my bingo wings?
A: This is one of the most common areas to treat achieving great results. The bottom, thighs and stomach are also very popular.