CACI Facials

Caci Facials Edinburgh

CACI offers incredible firming results for those wanting a powerful anti-ageing treatment without the need for Botox or more invasive procedures.With the use of  controlled micro current to stimulate facial muscles the CACI Non Surgical Face Lift  helps to remove, reduce and soften lines, particularly around the mouth and eye area. The CACI facial will also leave your skin feeling softer, tighter and more youthful looking

CACI Ultra

CACI Ultra incorporates 4 different technologies within one treatment, making it one of our most powerful and effective facials. The treatment includes; Micro current will stimulate the facial muscles, providing tone and definition to the face, Ultrasonic skin peeling removes superficial impurities from the skin’s surface, Intensive micro massage invigorates the circulation and blood flow to the area, increasing tissue oxygenation, Advanced LED light therapy specifically targets deep lines and wrinkles and provides a non-invasive alternative to collagen injections.

This very advanced facial can provide dramatic results and is one of our most popular treatments.

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Treatment Price Buy Vouchers
CACI – 60 mins £89
CACI – 30 mins (Eyes) £58
CACI Ultra – 90 mins £125
CACI Ultra – Course of 6 £625
CACI Ultra – Course of 10 £1000