Maxine Brooks

Senior Therapist & Assistant Manager


    Maxine excelled at college in all areas and was quickly snapped up by Zen Lifestyle as she was recommended by her college lecturers as having natural talent for the industry. Maxine is meticulous in every treatment and is a highly professional. You would feel confident in recommending your friends to have a treatment with her knowing the level of service they would receive.

    Specialist Treatment

    Maxine is a thorough and efficient waxer even in the “oohh so tender areas”! She specialises in corrective facials and advanced skin treatments, and loves to see the results after each treatment. She has recently seen her clients enjoy great results from advanced peels, and has become an expert in Dermaroller, a medical micro needling procedure. Her calm and VERY laid back attitude can make you feel relaxed from just talking to her.


    During her time at Zen Maxine has developed her skills through further advanced training and has developed a very loyal following. Her extremely high treatment standards and attention to detail have made her one of our most requested therapists, and as Fiona says “any treatment with Maxine is always a special experience!”.

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