Kieran Fowley



    Kieran’s background is in international sales and marketing, having worked in London, Sydney and New York. After working in sales in the IT services industry Kieran went on to work as export sales manager and then country manager for a large manufacturing group. He is relatively new to the beauty industry but the therapists are doing their best to teach him.

    Specialist Area

    Kieran concentrates on running the commercial aspects of the business and supporting Fiona in the general management of the salons. He deals with all the marketing, advertisng and partnership relations for the business, as well as managing our relationships with suppliers. He has developed a wide ranging knowledge of the beauty and skincare industry, on both a national and international level, which continues to fascinate him. This ongoing research and personal development helps him to develop with Fiona the strategy and new ideas for the business.


    A very keen sports fan especially football and rugby. Kieran also likes to play golf although he has been a beginner for about 10 years! He loves to travel, and despite his previous career taking him all over the world, he still loves any chance to travel overseas for business or pleasure.