Helen Robertson



    Helen has over 20 years experience in Office Management and Finance, the last 10 years of which have been spent working as a Bookkeeper on a freelance basis for a number of small to medium sized businesses in and around Edinburgh. The range of sectors she is involved in is interesting and varied, ranging from the hustle and bustle of a busy Italian Restaurant to the tranquil setting of a sheep farm in West Lothian. Helen is now delighted to be adding the luxury of manicures and pedicures to her day, all in the name of work, of course!


    A very keen tennis player with any day of the week being a good day for playing! She plays competitively for Colinton Tennis Club Ladies 1st Team but equally enjoys hitting the ball with friends on a Saturday afternoon. Helen also plays the cello with Colinton Amateur Orchestra, who put on two concerts a year for anyone brave enough to turn up to listen! She lives in Colinton with her husband, Sandy, and has two grown-up sons away at University.

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