30% off Exilis Fat Reduction & Body Contouring

The latest radio frequency and ultrasound technology

Exilis Ultra 360 is the latest and most powerful technology on the market for controlled fat reduction and body contouring. Ideal for tackling discrete areas of stubborn fat, the Exilis treatments are very effective at melting unwanted bulk in in love handles, bingo wings, tummies and thighs. Benefits can also include improved appearance of cellulite. We had had great results for our clients since launching this treatment last year. To find out if this might be right for you, please call us to book a free consultation.

Save up to £630

A course of treatments is required for effective durable results. Purchase any course of 6 sessions before 30th November to enjoy savings of 30%. For 3 areas being treated this could be a saving of up to £630.

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Pricing for Exilis Body Treatments

Treatment area Normal Session Price
(per session with 30% off)
Total Cost of 6 with 30% off
1 Area £150 (£105) £630
2 Areas £250 (£175) £1050
3 Areas £350 (£245) £1470

What is Exilis Ultra 360?

Exilis Ultra 360 is an advanced aesthetic treatment performed using a special device developed by BTL Aesthetics, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical and cosmetic devices. The treatment is totally non-surgical , non-invasive and involves no downtime. The technology used is a combination of Radio Frequency and Ultrasound, two proven technologies for disrupting and  killing fat cells in the body with minimal risks to surrounding tissue.

All treatments are performed by experienced and qualified therapists, who have been trained and qualified in the treatment by the manufacturer. To learn more about this amazing treatment please visit our Exilis body treatments page.

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Before & After Exilis Fat Reduction