Save £600 on Cellulite Treatments

With BTL Unison Radio Frequency & Acoustic Wave Therapy

BTL Unison is an exciting new treatment for Cellulite, one of the most difficult conditions of all to treat successfully. Zen was one of the first clinics in the UK to launch this fantastic treatment and we have been seeing some wonderful results for our clients. BTL Unison is an advanced aesthetic treatment device combining two technologies in the one treatment for visible and durable results. Radio Frequency is proven to be safe and effective for melting away the fatty deposits beneath the skin, which show up as a dimpled texture on the surface. Acoustic Wave, also known as Shock Wave therapy, disrupts and dislodges the small pockets of fat cells, helping them to flush out through the lymphatic system.

Save £600

A course of treatments is required for effective and durable results. For a limited time period we have an amazing offer for you to experience this treatment. Purchase any course of 6 sessions before 30th November to receive a discount of £600. A consultation is required before booking your treatments, where we will explain how the treatment works and check some medical questions with you. To get started just give us a call to book your consultation at our Bruntsfield Salon.

Bruntsfield: 1314773535 

Pricing for BTL Unison Cellulite Treatments

Treatment area Course of 6 Normal Price
Course of 6 with Promotion
1 Area £1800 £1200
2 Areas £2700 £2100
3 Areas £3600 £3000

Bruntsfield: 1314773535 

What is BTL Unison?

BTL Unison is a new and innovative aesthetic treatment from BTL Aesthetics, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical and cosmetic treatment equipment. The treatment is totally non-surgical , non-invasive and involves no downtime. The technology used is a combination of Radio Frequency and Acoustic Wave, two proven technologies for disrupting and killing fat cells in the body with minimal risks to surrounding tissue. The combination of these technologies, working simultaneously throughout the treatment, delivers a powerful and visible change in the appearance of cellulite. Most clients also notice a significant ‘lifting’ effect.

All treatments are performed by experienced and qualified therapists, who have been trained and qualified in the treatment by the manufacturer. To learn more about this amazing treatment please visit our BTL Unison Cellulite page.

Before & After BTL Unison

Unison client before and after cellulite treatment

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