Zen, have teamed up with the renowned Rita Rakus clinic in London to provide our clientele with a new range of innovative treatments from June 13th 2015 and every month thereafter. Zen have appointed a highly qualified and experienced new Medical Cosmetic Doctor to serve our growing demand for technologically advanced medical cosmetic treatments. Whether you want to look younger, increase your confidence or lose a few pounds without going under the knife, Zen brings the very latest technology – including ULTRAcel– from London to Edinburgh.

Here are some of the ground-breaking treatments you can expect;
Ultracel – FDA approved and clinically proven, this brand new, non-surgical facelift uses ultra sound to stimulate collagen, tighten, lift and tone for more lasting results. Causing a stir with celebrities from Courtney Cox to Channel 4’s Anna Richardson who swear by its dramatic results
Rejuvapen – The very latest non-laser micro needling system designed to produce new collagen in the skin for a plumper, more youthful and glowing look. Virtually pain-free.
Mesotherapy – Replacing the naturally occurring nutrients and vitamins our skin loses as we age, this unique formulation is injected into the skin to brighten dull, tired and lifeless skin for a lasting radiant, hydrated and youthful glow
Thermage – Celebrity favourite treatment used by Gwyneth Paltrow and Amanda Holden who love the highly effective smoothing, tightening, lifting and toning effects
Pelleve – Safe, effective and virtually pain-free non-surgical facelift. Medical studies have proven that Pellevé reduces the appearance of wrinkles by using radio waves to help produce more collagen. Leaves the skin brighter and more youthful.
Aqualyx – Gets rid of stubborn fat pockets on the body which are hard to budge with exercise or dieting, then releases them naturally through the lymphatic system
Botox and fillers – Still a highly effective treatment for instantly smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and plumping out the skin for a more youthful appearance.
Call us at our Teviot salon to book in for a consultation 0131 226 6777. Early booking recommended