Beat The Beauty Blues with Omnilux LED Facials

Beat The Beauty Blues with Omnilux LED Facials


When the nights grow longer, the thermostat is cranked up and all you want to do is hibernate indoors, it is little surprise that the once-summer glow is long gone replaced and with duller, drier looking skin. But there is light at the end of the tunnel…

Light Only Skin Rejuvenation

What am I talking about? Light-only skin rejuvenation, otherwise known as our Omnilux LED facial – a super charged light-only therapy treatment that promises brighter, lifted, more hydrated and youthful-looking skin. It also stimulates both collagen production and the body’s own natural processes to counteract the effects of ageing as well as enhances the effect of your existing skincare regime. And if that’s not enough, you can quickly get it done in your lunch break (keeping your makeup on). Omnilux is so amazing I’ve even had one installed in my own home as it’s one of my favourite treatments for a fast beauty boost and instant glow. It’s also pretty relaxing too!

SAD Syndrome

But, this wonder treatment also has hidden wellbeing benefits too. Seasonal Affective Disorder, aka SAD syndrome or ‘winter blues’, is a type of depression often linked to reduced hours of sunlight during the shorter autumn and winter days. It affects approximately one in 15 people in the UK* and light therapy is used as a treatment since it simulates exposure to sunlight and in turn helps to boost a person’s mood.

Tailored To Your Skin’s Needs

The other great thing about Omnilux is that it’s pain-free, heat-free and completely tailored to your skin needs – like all our treatments at Zen. To top that all off you can combine the Omnilux LED facial with everything from our microdermabrasion to IPL treatments for maximum results.

Available at both our Hanover Street and Bruntsfield Place salons in Edinburgh call 0131 225 7009 or 0131 477 3535 to find out more or to make a booking. Omnilux LED Facials cost £48 or £38 when combined with any other facial.

Fiona Fowley of zen

Fiona Fowley - Founder and Director of Zen Lifestyle

Fiona Fowley is the beauty expert and entrepreneur behind the Zen Lifestyle salons. Originally a beauty therapist, Fiona realised there was a gap in the market to create a unique kind of customer experience in the UK beauty and spa industry. She created Zen Lifestyle to provide discerning clients with an exceptionally high standard of therapies in luxurious, beautifully designed surroundings. she has led the business to 18 national beauty awards, as well as being voted UK Salon of the Year 5 times.

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