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It’s January… it’s dark and cold outside, everyone has festive blues, and to top it off we’re all broke. We get it. So to help tide you over until pay day and brighter nights we’ve put together some free things you can do that will help you to enjoy January.


1. Get up 10 minutes earlier in the morning


We know, crazy right? But hear us out… Giving yourself time to fully wake up in the morning before you start your day will make you instantly happier (no joke). You won’t feel the need to rush around, you won’t feel groggy, and it will seem like you’ve already enjoyed some of your day before you set off to work!


2. Have an aromatic bath before bed

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Having a bath before bed will help you to unwind and release the stresses of the day meaning you’ll get a better night sleep and in turn have a better day when you wake up! To get the best from your bath set the scene with some candles and make sure you have lots of bubbles.


3. Plan to do one thing you’ll look forward to every weekend


This could be anything you want! Watching a movie you’ve been meaning to watch for a while, making your favourite dinner on Saturday night, or having the girls over for a gossip. Having something to look forward to will perk up those dull moments and keep your spirits high throughout the week.


4. Have a pamper night every week!

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Designate a night every week to do a mask or a home peel (For us its a Thursday night and its hydrating mask time). Do something that will make your skin feel fabulous, if its dry – use a hydrating mask, if it’s dull – use a brightening peel, or if your not sure give us a call and we can give you some expert advice.


5. Get into a really good TV box set

TV Series

Never watched Gossip Girl the first time round? wondering what the hype is around Game of Thrones? January is the time to get into those TV series you’ve been dying to watch. Try setting yourself a daily allowance so you’ve got something to look forward to everyday and you don’t end up under a duvet mountain for three days.


6. Do 10 Squats and 10 Sit ups every day


It’s January and everyone is feeling that extra slice of cake they had on Boxing Day… So make yourself feel better by doing a small amount of exercise every day, a maximum of 10 minutes. You’ll be making a change and working towards your summer body goals. You can’t feel bad if your ‘under construction’ right?

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